Lokus Digital Data Analysis

The amounts of data in the world grows vastly every day. In its raw form data is not very useful besides as a commodity. Much of the data is actually noise, which is of little significance. Lokus Digital leverages cutting edge science to carve information out of data. Information is usually the key to success. Decisions based on accurate information are far more likely to be good or even optimal. With the right information a company can improve their products, know their customers and drive their sales.

Much of the data relates to networks of people, be it customers, guests or potential threats. Network analysis can reveal valuable information on the people and links between them. Based on the found groups it is easier to create profiles of these segments. The information can lead to decisions like ruling out untrustworthy clients or targeting certain segment with advertisement. In the presence of information, gut feeling loses its glory.

Credit risk is a major issue for many companies. Depending on their position and securities, unscrupulous customers might cause serious drain on earnings. Purchase history, customer behaviour and all accumulated data can be processed for the information on credit worthiness. These methods can be further worked on to produce predictions on future behaviour, further reducing possible losses. Credit services also attract scammers and fraud. Suspicious behaviour must be dealt swiftly to prevent serious losses. This is possible by working through the data on both normal and fraudulent customers.

Risk management can take many forms. In many cases this involves predicting losses and income. After they have been established, hedging methods can be taken or tweaking the margins for certain customer groups. With accurate information margins can be lowered to attract more customers while increasing total income.

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