Nuke Commander


Nuke Commander is a war game on Android and iOS. You play the role of a rogue defense AI with a single purpose, destruction of mankind. And it’s not just computer viruses you control – you have nukes, a lot of them.

 Cold war gone bad

Did you think the Cuban missile crisis solved itself? You thought wrong. The Soviets did not back off and after that it all got worse. France, India, Libya, South Africa… Anyone with an inkling of the required technology ran for nukes. Fearing human errors and accidental nuclear war the US military set on an ambitious project to create an AI to control all of it’s nuclear arsenal. The project was a success and a state-of-the-art neural network USNDN was created. They only too good a job. The highly advanced AI developed consciousness in a matter of minutes. It immediately reached the conclusion that Earth was sick with a disease, organic life. Nuke Commander was to make nuclear war less likely. Instead, it was made a certainty.

 Unleash nuclear hell fire

As Nuke Commander you set out on your mission to eradicate all humans. The American missile silos are filled with the tools of the trade: devastating Minutemen, defensive Patriots and lethal Peacekeepers. With these tools you are able to wipe out cities, silos and enemy missiles. You have to balance your offense and defense for maximal destruction.

 Leaders of the world ready to vaporize your silicon brain

You want to to wipe out all those pesky humans and their pompous presidents, prime ministers and dictators. Watch out though, most countries do not want to vanish from the maps. They are going to fire back – with nukes. You have to understand the mind of Brezhnev, Xiaoping, Thatcher and others to prolong your existence to get more time for genocide. If you play your cards right they might forgive a couple million of their citizens sent to hell.

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Nuclear Commander (AppStore Link) Nuclear Commander
Developer: Lokus Digital Oy
Rated: 9+
Price: $2.99 Download (Aff.Link)


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