From Prague to Helsinki

Mini Seedcamp Prague was an amazing event. With nearly two dozen startups bristling with energy and nearly 70 mentors with a combined experience of more than a thousand years – you probably can guess by now that it means something remarkable!

Before the main event we had pitch training and a possibility to get to know the other teams. It was clear that there was still work to be done for everyone. Luckily we had had pitch training before, so we could avoid some of the most obvious pitfalls. The most difficult problem for many teams seemed to be time – a 3 minute pitch is just 3 minutes.

The next thing to do for preparations was finishing the hit list and wish list. We were given names of some of the mentors we were going to meet. We would have three arranged mentoring sessions and two “random” ones. For the last two sessions the mentors would pick the teams they wanted to mentor. So, it was about finding out their specialties to match the right questions for the right persons. After that we took another look at the mentor list to find out which other mentors we would definitely want to meet. For this, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool.

The main event began with a keynote and the pitches. Everyone had clearly practiced the night before as everything went smoothly. Some of them, like Qminder and Brand Embassy stood out as really great pitches. The following five mentoring sessions were informative and intensive. Our questions included community building, finding smart money investors and which services to outsource. After all the sessions and networking we were naturally exhausted.

Now the Mini Seedcamp is behind us and the Startup Sauna is starting. And that is not the end of it. Actually, we are going to miss to large extent the first two weeks of the Sauna as I am heading for the States. Well, Boston and the Silicon Valley can’t be too bad substitutes.

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