Lokus Digital heading for Startup Sauna!

After the demoday of Summer of Startups Turku we felt it was a time for a small pivot. We had been working hard to get an early playable prototype for the demoday – and we did have one for the day. For various reasons we decided to switch to using Unity 3D. This new choice has keeping us busy. But not too busy to apply for Startup Sauna Warmup. From the feedback on pitching in Summer of Startups I felt confident to pitch our idea in the contest. In short, Startup Sauna Warmup events are arranged in the Nordics, Baltics and Russia and involve a day of coaching and of the pitch. From the teams pitching in the event one is chosen to be invited to the Startup Sauna seed accelerator program in Helsinki. This time, it would be Lokus Digital!

The day of the Warmup began with keynotes even though there was some trouble with the coaches reaching Turku. Well, flat tires won’t keep startup minded people waiting – we get things done one way or the other. The coaches for the day were Paolo Borello, Sakari Pihlava, Mike Bradshaw, Perttu Mäki-Petäjä. Ville Simola and Antti Ylimutka from the Sauna team also gave feedback. After the keynotes we were given some time to get our slides ready for the pitch. As usual there was something wrong. This time it was the fonts, but I had chosen the defaults so that it looked ok, nevertheless. Anyway, it took some effort to make the slides at all since my laptop gave up the day before and I had spent the last day in Tampere meeting Koopee Hiltunen from Neogames and attending the IGDA meeting. Borrowing a laptop from a friend in the middle of the night got me through the mess.

The pitch in the warmup was three minutes. There were a few questions but most of the coach feedback and questions would come in the afternoon coaching sessions. Everything went smoothly in the pitch and during the coaching sessions I started to feel that we have a good chance of winning the event. To be totally honest, that was not the feeling in the morning after too few hours of sleep. In the coaching sessions it was especially nice to meet again with some of the coaches we had met earlier in the summer. It was evident that we had gotten far in refining our ideas and presenting them. It was equally clear that there was still a long way to go.

In November we are heading for Helsinki. Who knows, what adventures will be next!

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