What is wrong with mobile games? Part II

Guess I was not finished with the rant, so let us continue. In the last post I mentioned that few mobile games take advantage of the social possibilities. This is not the only missed opportunity with mobile platforms. When you really look at it, a smartphone holds an incredible load of features ready for developers to exploit. So, why not use them?

Most mobile games are like computer or console games. Just with a small screen and crappy controls. When trying a new game I usually end up asking myself why would I play this on a phone? There is also the minor problem of battery life.
There are some nice games which use the phone features innovatively. Games like Parallel Kingdoms, SpecTracker and Zombie Run! give hope for the future but really miss much or their potential. These are location-based games which create an augmented (or alternate) reality. Unfortunately, that game side is a bit lacking. Some other games take advantage of the acceleration sensors or the camera, but mainly as gimmicks. End rant.

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