What do we stand for?

Spending the last week thinking through the values of first ourselves and then our company made me think that perhaps we should write about the process. In a sense we were already somewhat clear on some of the values we have in the company, but it is always good to write things done. Especially as in the process you learn to communicate them to others.

We started out writing post-it notes with our personal values on them. Surprisingly there was nothing too eccentric on the canvas at the end. It would have been fun to find something like Octopus overlords – everyone’s notes. But what we had was a whole lot too many values, something like 20+. We could basically agree on all of them – otherwise we wouldn’t probably be sitting here together.

We could easily group most of the values in groups and try to make collective names for them. Fun and Imagination could clearly be picked for the values of the company. Everything was more difficult to write into something that could sell. Especially the morals side was difficult. Would our games concentrate on making people more just? In the end we managed to salvage some morality. Here is what values we ended up with:

Life is too short not to have fun and we believe that everyone should have fun. That is why we make games – cause games are all about fun.

We believe that a community of people is greater than its constituent parts. We provide new worlds for people to share and enjoy with their friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts people have. We encourage people to use it – we do so too!

No half measures
Our ambition does not allow us half-hearted actions. We drive our business aggressively forward and accept no compromises.

Reach for the stars
Be it in the metaphorical or physical sense we reach for the stars. We aspire to push ourselves and technology to the limit and beyond. Also, we believe it is the destiny of man to walk on new worlds.

We tolerate no breach of integrity. What we promise, we deliver. Be it in dealings among ourselves or others, we are honest.

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