So far so good

We have now gone through the first four weeks of Summer of Startups Turku. I can say that it has been an intense learning experience. Being from an natural scientist background being an entrepreneur is something quite different. The first days were of course filled with getting to know the other teams, keynotes and presentations on what it’s to be an entrepreneur and meeting a lot of people. We have also had three meetings with our coach, Petri Lehmuskoski, who has great insight into the game business in Finland. The time left is of course spent on our product and the company itself. Before we had just done subcontracting when someone needed, the need to be change into something proactive was huge. No-one would be coming to use to buy games. We would have to find the customers. Or create them if need be.

With the three of us we soon discovered that we would need to somehow specialize. Jussi would be in charge of the brains of the game, that is the server, Pauli would work on the client end and I would make the ends meet on the business side. Plus be your favourite bloggger, of course. At some later stages we would be including a graphic designer to our team. As we do our best to maintain minimum cost structure at the moment, we have only done scouting on that front.

One of the first events of the Summer of Startups calender was a trip to the Aalto Venture Garage in Espoo. It was really eye-opening to see the other startups who were a bit farther ahead on their journey. Also, it was nice to find out that practically every startup is happy to share their experiences in building a firm – and the troubles you are likely to bump into. This is something we Finns do not excel naturally – just walking to people to pick their brain. Later on we have had several sparring sessions with different experts from financing and marketing. We have not changed our main idea too much, but have had possibilities to refine it and especially work on the company side and think up ways to market our future product.

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