Nomen est omen

What images does Lokus Digital bring to your mind? Lokus is Finnish (locus in English) and means the curve (or a set of points) that satisfies a rule. This means that something simple can be transformed into something unexpected and marvelous. That is what we want to do with our games also: to take in reality and project it into something more. Games have always created worlds but they have been beyond reach. Mobiles give a way to intertwine them with this one. We wanted the name of the company to bring in the idea of being a software company. The entertainment of today and most likely in the future is in digital format. Being technology oriented people we are not ashamed of this and thus Digital was a natural selection for the second part of the name.

The first thing that Lokus brings to mind of most people has probably something to do with location. This is not a downside as our games take advantage of your location in the real world – and the worlds beyond. Imagination has always been one of humanity’s best friends. Now we have the tools to bring new worlds of adventure to your pocket. And mix them with world of the greatest of adventures – your life.

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