Name hunting

During the above mentioned night of naming brain storm we had several ways of approach. As we were clearly on the lines of technology industry we thought about good names in science fiction. However, it was pretty clear that even though Kuat Drive Yards or Kallon Heavy Industries were definitely great brands these were not the kind of firms you would order software from. More like a heavy mech.

As this avenue of thought was quickly abandoned we turned to words that meant something and sounded cool. It pretty soon turned out that most were already taken. Also, taking an increasingly hyperbole name like Apex Excellence does actually sound just silly and childish. We don’t need our name to cry out our excellence. Actually the other way around – our actions should create the aura of quality for the name.

One popular way of naming companies is using Port Manteu. Then again, this seemed to us way to hip. Everyone seems to be taking names like this. Also, we could take a witty, fun name. The fun aspect usually wears of in a moment so this was not a really good idea either. Founding a liposuction clinic named Plumpers might give you a few laughs but would probably not fly.

Many want a name that doesn’t mean anything – at least not in English. We Finns are lucky in this sense as we can pick a Finnish word which means something and practically no one else in the world has the faintest clue of the meaning. This is nice since you can pick a name that sounds right for your image. On the other hand you are free to create a story behind the name. However, we wanted our name to create an immediate image which to at least some extent similar to everyone.

As the three of us had a background in natural sciences it was only natural (pun intended) to look into names that contained mathematics. This would bring forward the air expertise in this field and avoid being a too common word. Unfortunately many of these were too intangible for most people to recognize.

We finally arrived at Lokus Digital. In the final rounds it helped that this name was not already taken nor did the domain contain a porn site. There were a few companies which had Lokus in their name but they were in entirely different fields and were unlikely to obscure search results in Google. Lokus Digital it shall be.

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