Starting up

One December Saturday in 2007 three guys met in Turku to dream visions of grandeur. We were finishing the current phase of our studies and the great world out there was beckoning us. Of course, our heads were bristling with ideas to implement. The ideas ranged from monocular HUDs, through portable hospitals to cheap cruise missiles. After the decision to set up a corporation came the inevitable brainstorm of naming the company. We came up with a ton of possible ideas. Well, to be perfectly honest, not all of them were really world-class. In the late hours of the day (or early hours of the morning actually) names like Bubsebel and Plunderbus seemed quite hilarious. Then again, a few seconds with Google revealed that many of the good ones were already taken – I wonder why… In the end we had three possible names from which we chose Lokus Digital.

However, the call of the academia was strong, so the idea was to set up the framework for business in case of zero funding for research at the university. As it happened, this was not the case and due to research funding the three of us continued with research in our respective fields. The company lay dormant for about three years except for odd subcontracting. But the ideas did not die that easily. A few times we would notice a competition of something for which we thought we had a good idea. As research took our time we could not pursue these projects. Often we would note half a year later that someone else was launching a project in something similar.

In late 2010 there was an email circulating at the university of Turku about a business development laboratory in the school of economics. They were looking for ideas from natural scientists to be used as practice cases for economy students. The three of us bashed our heads once more to send an idea in. Our case was accepted and the economy students spent some time writing a business plan for us. Along the way we spent some time refining the idea and how to really make it work. The summer of 2011 also seemed to be possible for taking a break from the academia for various reasons. This time we could really pursue our idea.

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