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How about making a game in 48 hours? From scratch. Well that’s what we and about 10k other developers did last weekend. This crazy event was Global Game Jam. It as about games, games and games. And fun. There are hundreds of places around the world hosting this event. Our locale was in Turku. At 5pm the lecture room reserved for the purpose was bristling full with game enthusiast, developers professional and amateur alike. We heard some inspiring keynotes from the lkes of John Romero and Will Wright. And then to work.

The theme was revealed to be the symbol Ouroboros – the snake biting its tail. Fifteen minutes of brainstorming got us several “excellent” ideas ranging from board games to platformers. However, our weapon of choice was space combat. And mathematics! We would make a space combat game (inspired by super melee in Star Control) with the possibility of changing the topology of space. That is, dilstorting the space into different shapes. The effect should be mind-blowing – and playing with reality! Enter, Torusboros.

We would be using Unity 3D for development as we have been using it already and it provides a quick way to test what you have. It also provided us with physics that would be used for gravity. We just needed to make the topology changes, weapons, multiplayability, background… Easy, huh? One of the challenges was that we were missing a dedicated graphic artist. Well, it only takes a versatile theoretical physicist and a pile of tutorials. We were also happy to find that the multiplaybility options in Unity are pretty good.

A couple of short nights, some beer and Starcraft later we were uploading the game and running to see what the other teams had conjured. Even though the game was by no means finished, it was playable and did not even look that bad. We even managed to hack a demonstration with USB tethered internet as the local wireless was useless. Needless to say, we were happy yet tired. Check out our project at:


On a sad note, Sunday was also our last day with Jussi Knuuttila in the company. He is moving towards new adventures at Red Lynx. We wish him success and good games!

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  • Hey Jaakko,

    Very cool event! It’s awesome when developers come together and can create so much in just 48 hours! I just checked out your site and hope to stay updated with you guys. Keep up the good work.


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