What is it all about?

Last week we spent two days in a workshop organized by 358. On the first day we put our thoughts into what our value proposition to customers really is. You could say, that we spent a day to come up with one sentence. Then again, that is not too bad as many companies spend years on the same problem. Armed with a whole lot of post-it notes and a canvas we set on the task. We soon entered a meta level of thinking what is currently wrong with the world. People are unhappy because their world is not what they wanted it to be. That’s reasonable as we are made to battle lions or survive anything the nature throws at us. Instead people have to spend 8 hours a day in a cubicle. That’s why people escape into realms of fantasy with games, books, movies… But there are still adventures out there, you just have to go out and find them. Now this is where we come in. Gaming and the real world do not have to be separate. With games we can expand the reality and make your imagination work really work for you. Kids are great at this. You might tell them a story about Gauls and Roman legionaires and they’ll spend the next two weeks seeing Romans behind every bus stop. We plan to bring this to adults too.

On the first day we also got a meeting with reporters from Ã…bo Underrättelser and Turun Sanomat. We were quick and lucky enough to catch them before the other teams could. In the end a picture ended up in the newspaper, where we have the plans on the wall with a post-it saying “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you”. This of course was to describe the needs of our target audience, namely 16-35 males. Unfortunately, you can’t read the note on the picture. Multiple cups of coffee and incredibly bad ideas later we managed to distill our current value proposition.

We offer to people games that enrich their real lives with surreal experiences.

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