Academia vs Entrepreneurship

All the founders of Lokus Digital originate in the academia. Needless to say, it’s a big leap to the world of entrepreneurship. And the landing may be rough. I have only spent few short months as an entrepreneur but let me tell you some of the differences and similarities I have learned so far. Let’s[…]


What do we stand for?

Spending the last week thinking through the values of first ourselves and then our company made me think that perhaps we should write about the process. In a sense we were already somewhat clear on some of the values we have in the company, but it is always good to write things done. Especially as[…]


What is it all about?

Last week we spent two days in a workshop organized by 358. On the first day we put our thoughts into what our value proposition to customers really is. You could say, that we spent a day to come up with one sentence. Then again, that is not too bad as many companies spend years[…]


So far so good

We have now gone through the first four weeks of Summer of Startups Turku. I can say that it has been an intense learning experience. Being from an natural scientist background being an entrepreneur is something quite different. The first days were of course filled with getting to know the other teams, keynotes and presentations[…]


Summer of Startups

This summer would be defined by our game project. The setting would be provided by the Summer of Startups in Turku. After attending the Business Development Lab in the school of economics we applied for the startup program with our game project. The program would include training and mentoring in the art of entrepreneurship. Also,[…]