Nomen est omen

What images does Lokus Digital bring to your mind? Lokus is Finnish (locus in English) and means the curve (or a set of points) that satisfies a rule. This means that something simple can be transformed into something unexpected and marvelous. That is what we want to do with our games also: to take in[…]


Name hunting

During the above mentioned night of naming brain storm we had several ways of approach. As we were clearly on the lines of technology industry we thought about good names in science fiction. However, it was pretty clear that even though Kuat Drive Yards or Kallon Heavy Industries were definitely great brands these were not[…]


Starting up

One December Saturday in 2007 three guys met in Turku to dream visions of grandeur. We were finishing the current phase of our studies and the great world out there was beckoning us. Of course, our heads were bristling with ideas to implement. The ideas ranged from monocular HUDs, through portable hospitals to cheap cruise[…]