Jamming with Lokus Digital

How about making a game in 48 hours? From scratch. Well that’s what we and about 10k other developers did last weekend. This crazy event was Global Game Jam. It as about games, games and games. And fun. There are hundreds of places around the world hosting this event. Our locale was in Turku. At[…]


Week after the Sauna

It has now been one week since the demoday of Startup Sauna. That was quite an event. Indeed, it was the biggest demoday in whole Europe – a sign of the progress of startup scene in Finland. Some 500 people attended. Having attended Founder’s Showcase in the Valley, I can safely that our standards were[…]


Lessons in the States

We had just started in the Startup Sauna when it was time to leave for the States. In a way it was sad but new adventures were waiting. Quite suitably the last sessions at the Sauna was about networking. A skill that would definitely come in handy on the trip. There was a lot to[…]


From Prague to Helsinki

Mini Seedcamp Prague was an amazing event. With nearly two dozen startups bristling with energy and nearly 70 mentors with a combined experience of more than a thousand years – you probably can guess by now that it means something remarkable! Before the main event we had pitch training and a possibility to get to[…]


Seedcamp Prague Coming Up!

After the successful day of Startup Sauna Warmup we applied also for Mini Seedcamp Prague. Seedcamp is an early-stage micro seed investment fund and mentoring programme which has been called a global answer to Y Combinator…. Our application managed to convince the referees and we are in the contest! The application process was far[…]


Academia vs Entrepreneurship

All the founders of Lokus Digital originate in the academia. Needless to say, it’s a big leap to the world of entrepreneurship. And the landing may be rough. I have only spent few short months as an entrepreneur but let me tell you some of the differences and similarities I have learned so far. Let’s[…]


What do we stand for?

Spending the last week thinking through the values of first ourselves and then our company made me think that perhaps we should write about the process. In a sense we were already somewhat clear on some of the values we have in the company, but it is always good to write things done. Especially as[…]