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What is Lokus Digital made of?
Big Data Visualization

Visualizing massive trajectory data in real time is an extremely difficult task. As a part of a Tekes funded Supra project at Åbo Akademi we developed a scalable cloud service that can quickly show tracks matching an end user’s request.

Data analysis

We have deep knowledge in extracting information from small to large datasets using SQL or NoSQL. Network science is one of our key areas of expertise. We also do risk modeling and credit analysis.


Lokus Digital creates games to entertain and to educate. In our games we want to create a captivating atmosphere with a strong theme. We create games for mobile devices and desktops.


Lokus Digital

We are eager to bring our scientific knowledge to solve the big puzzles in data. Meanwhile, the world needs more fun and that is why we turn on the crazy scientist gear and make games. Be it nuclear war or credit scoring, we are ready to get our hands dirty.

  • Data analysis

    Analyzing massive data sets, credit worthiness or risk management

  • Games

    Development of games for various platforms

Our Team

Jaakko Vainio
Jaakko is the CEO and a founder of Lokus Digital. Besides science, Jaakko is especially interested in learning about leadership, coaching and marketing. Jaakko has a M.Sc. in theoretical physics from the University of Turku.
Pauli Pihajoki
Chairman of the Board
Pauli is a founder of Lokus Digital. In Pauli the skills in coding, ambition for creation – be it musical, literary or programming, and love for gaming combine in a unique way. Pauli has a PhD in astronomy from the University of Turku.
Jani Sainio
Data Scientist
Jani is the Data Scientist at Lokus Digital. He is interested in extracting knowledge from data through machine learning and high performance computing. Jani has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Turku. Some say he is partly a robot from the future.

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